Why You Should be Using a paint roller instead of a brush?

Why You Should be Using a paint roller instead of a brush?

A roller is a flexible strip of hard plastic, wood, or metal used to apply paint over large surfaces such as walls and ceilings. A roller as wide in diameter as the width of the surface requires approximately 2 US gallons (7.6 L) of paint for one coat.

In order to save on time and materials, DIY enthusiasts often use disposable rollers to apply paint evenly without water marks. Proper roller application prevents drips of paints from creating an untidy look. However, a roller should have a large diameter in order to pick up paint from a large area.

Using a brush is probably not as efficient as rolling because you can increase the amount of paint you use per coat. A roller is more efficient and allows you to cover a larger surface in one coat, so you can leave fewer coats of paint on for longer periods of time.

Brushes take more time and effort because they require more coats and 2 passes are completed. This means brushing uses twice as much time as just rolling with one coat of paint. Using a roller will make the application of paint faster and more efficient. You can save money on paint, because you will be able to apply one coat in less time.

A roller lets you cover a larger area with one swipe of the brush, so you can leave it on for a shorter period of time. This makes it easier to see where you are painting and fewer coats means dry time is minimized. While using rollers usually require more preparation work, they are also more versatile and allow for greater control over the paint application which makes them better for reaching into corners or around curves or intricate designs as compared to brushes which tend to tip easily.

Rollers are also very useful in areas where there is a lot of texture. Rollers are designed for large surfaces, so it is easier to apply paint evenly over a large area. Because you can control the roller more easily than you can control the brush, you will be able to apply paint more evenly and any drips on the roller will not affect the surface. Also, rollers usually come with frames, which not only allow for better control over application but also make it easier to reach high places and eliminate spray or spills from getting onto other areas of your house.

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