How to paint a ceiling with a Paint Roller

How to paint a ceiling with a Paint Roller

Make Painting Your Ceilings Easy with a Roller

Get a bucket of paint and Raulde paint roller ready with all other essentials. Pick a roller from your own collection that is not too thin or too thick. Measure and cut pieces of wallpaper to fit the inside and outside areas of your ceiling if you wish. Place them in positions where you would like to paint for each section.

Start with unrolling one layer at a time over the first layer, using even, horizontal strokes in one direction until smooth. Turn around frequently with every roll to create even coverage without overlapping or leaving ripples behind from missing sections.

The roller is the easiest way to really cover the surface with paint. Just give it a good swirl and try to cover it completely.If you’re not happy with your job in any of the sections, just go back and finish it off. The roller gives you the ability to roll back and forth or just swirl for even coverage with no streaks or bumps.

Lay down one full layer of paint, which will be dry within an hour. After that, just keep adding additional coats at least six inches apart according to your plan if you’re not painting evenly all over your ceiling.Wait at least six hours between layers so that paint dries completely between coats.

To make sure it’s dry enough, tap a metal spoon against the ceiling and listen for a clear sound with no echoing or dull sounds.

Continue by rolling on additional layers of paint until you’re done.While the paint dries, you can clean up your supplies and put them away in preparation for your next painting project.

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