Gloss painting made easy - Use a Paint Roller!

Gloss painting made easy - Use a Paint Roller!

Every type of paint has its own requirements, but gloss paints are one step up from latex paints in terms of their level of difficulty. However, what some would call challenges can be advantages for others. The glossy sheen on these types of paint is both beautiful and durable. Furthermore, they’re much easier to wipe off hands and tools without getting the material all over everything else because they dry very quickly.

When using gloss paints, it’s important to be conscious of how they will look when the job is done. Whether you’re touching up a wall or painting the ceiling, you want everything to be smooth and level with no excess paint hanging over the edges.

Often, this will require starting with a fresh coat of white or light grey or off-white to give your final coats something to blend in with and look like an integral piece of the room. You don’t want to have stark contrasts between different shades if you can avoid it.

Paint rollers are perfect for this type of paint when used in conjunction with a long and skinny extension pole that allows you to reach high places safely. Start by rolling the ceiling using long strokes that extend almost to the corners.

Always roll in one direction only. After each pass, you’ll need to clean the roller with a sponge or rag, paying particular attention to the edges. If you don’t do this, excess paint will build up and drip where you don’t want it.

Next, roll out a couple of coats on a wall from about 30 inches below the ceiling all the way down to 3 feet above the floor. This will make sure all of the imperfections are covered and make it look like a seamless job with no accidents or drips below your normal line of sight.

You can also apply the paint to pipes and appliances in that area, but you might want to wait until it stops raining. You don’t want water getting in between your hardware and walls. If necessary, you may want to tape off the edges of anything you can’t reach with a roller such as pipes or wires.

Removing this type of gloss paint doesn’t have to be difficult, but it cannot be done too quickly. Take a sponge or rag dipped in warm water and wipe off areas where needed before it dries. Although it’ll take a few goes at removing the excess paint, eventually the glossy layer will peel away from its surface leaving you with smooth walls or ceilings that are ready for your next job.

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